DocuBrain® Workflow Editor

The DocuBrain® Workflow Editor (DBWE) is an easy to use and intuitive workflow process editor. DBWE tightly adheres to the BPMN 2.0 standard and is custom tailored for the Flowable workflow engine. It allows users the ability to graphically model business processes following the BPMN standard and deploy them directly to a running Flowable workflow engine.

PDFEngraver ™

PDFEngraver ™ is a new product that will be available shortly. The product will allow you to easily create engravings files that contain one or more watermarks and/or stamps. An engravings file can then be applied to one or more PDF files to quickly add the watermarks/stamps to them.


TechDoc is a full featured, web-based document management system designed for the management of any type of document/file. It provides for an electronic means to:

  • Create, modify, and delete documents.
  • Maintain prior versions and full history tracking.
  • Provide revision control of approved documents.
  • Electronically review and approve document.
  • Distribute released/published documents to the user community.
  • Provide full text search and retrieval of published documents.